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01 2022-12

Philips Ultra Efficient Range Expands into Luminaires

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the global lighting leader, will assist clients in managing their energy expenditures with a new line of Ultra Efficient lights and, for the first time, Ultra Efficient integrated luminaires.
28 2022-11

LG Honored With Dozens of CES 2023 Innovation Awards

SEUL, November 17, 2022 — LG Electronics (LG) has received more than two dozen CES® 2023 Innovation Awards for the technological and design brilliance of its latest lifestyle solutions, including three coveted Best of Innovation Awards for LG OLED in the computer peripherals, gaming, and video display categories.
22 2022-11

Color Tolerance Adjustment SDCM

The disparity between the computer-calculated formula and the goal standard. The gap between the formula calculated by the computer and the goal standard is referred to as color tolerance.
17 2022-11

About GUV LED Sterilization and Disinfection Device

It is reported that the firm can make disinfection and sterilization LED lamps and contributed in the creation of the first GUV LED standard in the United States and worldwide based on the Light quantum theory of LED disinfection and sterilization
28 2022-10

Casambi Helps Sedus Building Human Centric Lighting

Casambi, a Finnish wireless lighting control expert, contributed its technology to enable Sedus, a German office equipment provider, produce workplace lighting that improves user well-being.
25 2022-10

Why Offices Need New Lighting Solutions Now

Good lighting is required for good work. Offices, on the other hand, frequently consume excessively enormous quantities of power - and money - for lighting.
21 2022-10

Nichia and GE Lighting enter into Cross License Agreement

Nichia Corporation and Savant Technologies LLC, also known as GE Lighting, a Savant business, announced a cross-license agreement.
11 2022-10

Directly hit the 2022 Germany Frankfurt exhibition, ROLEDS attracted much attention

As a leading enterprise in the smart lighting industry, Loreidis appeared in the L36 exhibition area of Hall 8.0 with the overall solution of urban smart lighting, comprehensively displaying the company's innovative technological achievements, product solutions and advanced intelligent manufacturing capabilities in intelligent, low-carbon and healthy aspects.
06 2022-10

New LED Driver Technology in Light+Building 2022 Frankfurt-Canton Fair

On October 2, the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology Exhibition (Light + Building 2022), which was postponed several times due to the epidemic, finally kicked off at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany, attracting keen attention from the global lighting industry.
20 2022-09

DALI Lighting Awards 2022 Open for Entries

The DALI Alliance, the global industry organization for DALI lighting control, announces the call for entries for the DALI Lighting Awards 2022.
16 2022-09

Standard of IP Rating For Lighting

IP stands for Ingress Protection. It speaks to the light's capacity for water and dust resistance. The IP level is made up of two digits.
06 2022-09

In Hangzhou Gongshu District, there installed eye protection lights in all 2,800 classrooms

School is around the corner, the renovation and modernization of eye protection lights in 2,800 classrooms of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens at Hangzhou's Gongshu is now complete.

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