LED Panel Light Parts
Sep 09, 2016

1, aluminum panel light box:

Are the main channels led heat sink, looks simple and elegant, you can use the ZY0907, mould stamping mould costs low, low processing costs; die-cast aluminum frame IP rating can be a little higher, surface texture, and overall aesthetic, but the upfront cost is high.

2, led light source:

Led lamp bead normally use 3528, others use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 low cost slightly less luminous efficiency, the key is its optical network design problems. 3528 efficiency high versatility.

3, LED light guide plate:

Side LED light passing through a uniform export outlets refraction of light from the front, is the key to quality control of LED panel light guide plate. Bad network design, see the overall luminous efficacy is very poor, generally appear bright in the middle on both sides of the dark, or appear in the light, or local area, again inconsistent brightness or a different angle. To improve the Lightguide plate light effect mainly rely on network design, followed by the quality of plates, but no need to first-line brand of superstition plates, qualified transmittance between plates are usually the same. General LED light guide plate of the factory are bought direct public use, there is no need to proof design, more manufacturers usually quality.

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