How Old Is The Incandescent Light Bulb That Has The Longest Life In The World?
Apr 26, 2018

How old is the incandescent light bulb that has the longest life in the world?

It is 115 years old this year. It is still working in the Livermore Fire Station in the United States. In order to observe this one-hundred-year light bulb, people have deliberately placed a real-time monitor around it. Allegedly, this light bulb has "killed" two video monitors.

This century-old light bulb began its work in 1901 and has been working continuously for 115 years. In addition to power outages, this bulb only went out once in 1976 and 2013. In 1976, when the firefighters moved the light bulbs, they did not use a screwdriver to unscrew the light bulbs. Instead, they cut off the slings and moved them to other places to continue work under the escort of the police and fire engines.

People care about this hundred-year-old light bulb. It is understood that the Livermore bulb is a hand-blown incandescent lamp with a carbon filament. Researchers compared the 100-year imitation of light bulbs with ordinary light bulbs and found that the differences between Livermore light bulbs and ordinary light bulbs are mainly manifested in two aspects:

First, the filament it uses is 8 times thicker than ordinary filaments;

Second, the lamp filament used in a hundred years may be a semiconductor made of carbon filament.

The higher the conductor temperature of an ordinary light bulb, the lower the electrical conductivity; but the higher the conductor temperature of a century bulb, the higher its electrical conductivity.

However, scientists have not yet figured out the exact reason for the longevity of Livermore bulbs. Although it is unclear exactly when the light bulb started working, the firefighters set June 18 of each year as its “birthday”.

"Livemore", translated into Chinese, means "live longer", so this light bulb has been lit for more than 100 years in the "longer-lived fire station in a longer-lived region" in California, and if it is calculated in 115 years, this light Really lighted more than 1 million hours!

This has to be said to be just a magical example. For various reasons, our usual experience is usually that the lights that were just bought back are very bright when used. After a long time of use, the brightness of the lamp gradually becomes lower until it finally goes out.

We all know that the life of the luminaire is slowly shortening, and when it is not completely lighted one day, it will end. Many people can't help but wonder why lamps have such a process. What causes it? In fact, in the final analysis, this is the problem of the light failure of the lamps. To put it simply, the lamps and the human body, like the human body, with the increase in the service life, the functional mechanism of the lamps and lanterns is constantly decreasing. Whether it is incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lights can not avoid the problem of light failure.

The light failure of a light fixture means that the light intensity of the light fixture will be lower than the original light intensity after a period of time has been turned on, and the lower part is the light failure of the light fixture. Different types of lamps cause different causes of light decay.

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