Flicking Can Cause The Headache
Mar 16, 2017

Last night, CCTV "3.15" party was held in Beijing, CCTV No. 1 consumer warning is about LED learning lights.

To the children to buy the LED lights, there may be a serious screen flash! This screen flashing naked eye can not detect, but if long-term use, will cause visual fatigue, or even headache! Consumers in the purchase to identify LED lights have no screen flash.

Evening scene, the two labors to do show, bring a dedicated screen flash tester, the screen waveform is relatively gentle, indicating that it is almost zero screen flash, no damage to the eyes. To the scene of the red light, for example, look at the waveform, its magnitude is very large, indicating that it is very serious screen flash. In normal life, you want to detect the light bulb has no screen flash, very simple, pick up the phone with the lens at the point of it, pay attention to the screen flashing, you can know what kind of LED bulb no screen flash. Experienced introduction, screen flash is good or bad, secret in the cross-flow chip, if with the chip LED lights, its price will be higher, 2-3 times higher.

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