Do Not Use A White Desk Under Office Lighting
Jul 07, 2018

A senior official from a leading ophthalmology charity warned that white-collar workers should not sit at a white desk under modern office lighting.

Keith Gordon, vice president of research at the National Association of the Blind, said that it would be prudent to stay away from white desks and reduce the damage caused by excessive exposure to blue light.

The effect of the white surface "is similar to the effect that the sun shines on the snow for the skier."

“The white desk will reflect anything from the computer, so you get a double blow. If you sit on a white desk and have a fluorescent light, it will reflect from the desktop into your eyes. I recommend People use dark black desks."

“Usually, because the lights themselves don’t have too many concerns, but people spend hours watching these screens, there is a concern that if you spend a day watching a computer monitor, there is so much light on the eyes. Long-term damage."

However, Keith Gordon emphasized that it is worth noting that the direct link between long-term exposure to blue light and human retinal damage has not been fully confirmed.

Gordon recommends that office workers use software to reduce exposure to blue light, such as the free f.lux filter app, which can be installed on computers and mobile devices to adjust the light emitted over time. In addition, many computers and smartphones now have a Blu-ray reduction mode.

Employees can adjust the level of blue light emitted by the screen by reducing the brightness of the screen or by changing the contrast by switching to white on a black background.

Gordon said security managers can limit the amount of blue light produced by overhead lighting. He urged facility managers to avoid installing cool white or blue-white fluorescent tubes, but to specify a coating to produce less blue light and warm white light. He also suggested replacing the flashing fluorescent tube quickly, because the faulty tube would emit more blue light.

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