Tool-free LED Tri Proof Light

Tool-free LED Tri Proof Light


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Basic Info

·Product Name:Tool-free Led Tri Proof Light

·Installation:Owner design clip end cap for easy installation

·Driver:1-10V dimming with flicker free driver

·Compatible Dimmer : Lutron / LEVITON

·Wiring:Single or Double wiring/Multiple Link with double wiring

·Approval: IP 65 /IK10 Approval

·Heatsink:Patent aluminum case

·Warranty:5 years


In relatively humid environment, water vapor gas is larger, so people need for moisture-proof and fog-proof lightings; If install lamps and lanterns illume directly, it is easy to have occurrence fault each accident due to short circuit extremely easily or the damage of relevant illume electric equipment, causing needless loss.

Add ourTool-free Led Tri Proof Light, can separate illume electric equipment and exterior environment, which not only can be waterproof, but also has the effect on preventing mist.


-The bottom shell is made of aluminumby injection molding, which is resistant to corrosion, impact and other mechanical properties. The bottom shell can be directly installed on the wall through expansion screws or mounting parts.

-Tool-free Led Tri Proof Light adopts the real optical design, no glare, the light source adopts good design, which realizes the light distribution once and reduces the light flux loss to the greatest extent.

-Tool-free Led Tri Proof Light adopts the best chip, which ensures the service life of over 50000 hours.

-The light source and drive are designed in a modular way for easy replacement.


·Single or Double wiring

·Color Index: Ra>80 or Ra>90

·Dimming: 1-10V or ON-OFF

·Lumen Efficacy: 100LM/W, 125LM/W, 140LM/W


· Replacement for fluorescent NCF

· Warehouses, Factories, Car parks, Sports facilities

· Sports facilities, Outdoor & Indoor Locations

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