LED Panel Light

  • 60W Smart Electronic LED Panel Lights

    60w Smart electronic led panel lights use ultra-high brightness LEDs as the light source. It is a high-end indoor lighting fixture.
    The outer frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy.
    The light of the LED panel forms a uniform planar light-emitting effect after...
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  • Indoor Aluminum Surface Mounted LED Panel Light

    As a representative of energy-saving lamps, the indoor Aluminum surface mounted LED panel lights are characterized by ultra-thin, energy-saving, long life, high brightness, no radiation, no stroboscopic, etc., which is very suitable for modern office and home decoration...
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  • 600×600 LED Panel Light Flush Mounting

    The 600×600 led panel lights flush mounting produced by our company are driven by high quality. It can ensure the long life of the lamp body, high efficiency, and ensure that the current tends to be constant, and the lamp bead is not affected by voltage fluctuations.
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  • IP65 LED Panel Lights Fixture for Home

    IP65 led panel lights fixture for home are upscale and very high quality indoor lightings with many features. The most prominent of these is its very simple and elegant appearance, and it is simple yet elegant, with a very luxurious effect. Its own lighting effect is very...
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  • Square Ceiling Aluminum LED Panel Lights

    Compared with traditional lighting, especially when the initial electric power is the same, the power supply is the same, and the wattage of the electric lamp is the same, the life of the square ceiling Aluminum led panel lights is very long, which is five to six times longer...
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  • Surface Mounted Ultra Slim LED Panel Light

    This surface mounted ultra slim led panel light features a thin body design that is lightweight and easy to install. The smooth mask is resistant to oil and easy to clean. This luminaire has a high luminous flux and it is resistant to light decay and has a color rendering of...
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  • 40W LED Indoor Ceiling Panel Light

    This 40w led Indoor ceiling panel light has features of energy saving and high brightness. The interior of the lamp does not contain mercury, infrared or ultraviolet light. It does not produce thermal effects, radiation, or stroboscopic phenomena.
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