LED Panel Light

  • Dimmable LED Panel Lights 120x30

    The reflective material inside the dimmable led panel lights 120x30 has moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-oxidation properties, and can display bright luster for a long time. Its reflector enhances the reflective effect by concentrating the reflection principle.
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  • Fire Rated LED Panel Lights 60X60

    The fire rated Led Panel Lights 60X60 are energy efficient, pollution free, high brightness, no red line, no UV, no radiation, no light flash. It uses DC drive, with ultra low power consumption, more than 70% energy saving than traditional light source. It can completely...
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  • Fire Rated Round LED Panel Lights

    ​Compared with ordinary lamps, Fire Rated round LED Panel Lights have a long life, energy saving and high efficiency, and will not cause energy waste. This kind of luminaire has high color rendering index, strong color reproduction, clear vision, and no distortion of objects....
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  • 60W Fire Rated LED Panel Lights

    60w Fire Rated LED Panel lights are a new type of surface light source that uses LCD TV backlight technology.
    The light is soft and the appearance is beautiful, which is very popular among consumers.
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  • Dimmable LED Flat Panel Lamp 40W

    The lamp body of our dimmable led flat panel lamp 40w is made by high-quality aerospace aluminum. After anodizing and surface blasting technology, the color of the panel lamp body is bright and beautiful.
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  • Dimmable Ceiling Panel Light for Bedroom

    This is an ultra-thin Dimmable Ceiling Panel Light for bedroom made of high-quality die-cast aluminum, anodized and painted on the surface to make the surface of the lamp body smooth and flat.
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  • Square LED Panel Light Recessed Bathroom

    The Square LED Panel Light Recessed Bathroom is uniquely designed.
    When the light passes through the light transmittance plate with high light transmittance, a uniform planar light-emitting effect can be formed, so that the illumination uniformity is good, the light is...
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  • ECO 60W LED Panel Light for Kitchen

    This ECO 60w LED Panel Light for kitchen uses LED super bright chip. The light emitted is consistent and can release the light effect completely. The intelligent drive circuit prevents harmonic interference and provides undervoltage overload protection to ensure a stable...
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  • High Power Foil LED Panel Light Hospitals

    The high power Foil LED Panel Light Hospitals is bright enough to illuminate the hallroom softly and evenly. And the design and maintenance of the flat panel is convenient. LED panel lights have low carbon, which is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and have a long...
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  • 620*620mm LED Panel Lighting

    ​This 620*620mm led panel lighting is a high-grade indoor lighting fixture of Yimei. Its outer frame is anodized by aluminum alloy and the light source is LED. This luminaire is environmentally friendly, consumes less power, and has better illumination efficiency and...
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  • 32w Indoor Square LED Panel Light

    This 32w Indoor Square Led Panel Light uses LED as the light source, no radiation, no harmful substances, and can fully protect the user's health. It is more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, greatly reducing your cost of use.
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  • Square LED Aluminum Plastic Panel Light

    We have applied various integrated devices and computer control systems to this square LED Aluminum plastic panel light, which have greatly improved the lighting and lighting systems in terms of dimming and control of light color. At present, the main use occasions of LED...
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