• 40W LED Flat Panel for Indoor Lighting

    The lamp body of this 40w led flat panel for indoor lighting is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has high heat dissipation efficiency. It adopts the precision grinding machine die-casting lamp body, and the combination is tight, which can effectively prevent the...
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  • 8 Inch White Indoor Recessed LED Panel Lights

    The 8 inch White indoor recessed led panel lights save 55%-70% of electrical energy compared to conventional grille panels, and their brightness are higher. The stable power supply design allows it to operate normally under unstable voltages. And it has no noise during use...
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  • 30W LED Panel Lights Surface Mount

    Our 30w led panel lights surface mount are packaged in imported wafer chips. Its brightness, lumens, light intensity, and light efficiency are much higher than other products. The ultra-high transmittance light guide plate diffuser enables the entire lamp to emit a very...
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  • 600x600mm LED Panel Light

    The 600x600mm led panel lights we produce are unique. They are characterized by super energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance-free, long life, etc. They are widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting, such as office building lighting, government office interior...
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  • High Power Dimmable Recessed LED Panel Light

    We are able to provide you with a complete solution for lighting engineering LED panel lights. Our high power dimmable recessed led panel lights are available in a variety of different sizes to give you different lighting effects and different scenes.
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  • 12w Energy Saving Square LED Panel Light

    The rear cover of the 12w Energy saving square Led Panel Light is mainly used to seal the lamp body. It is made of metal aluminum. The overall texture is visually strong. Because it is aluminum, it can also play a role in heat dissipation.
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  • 7 Inch Square LED Panel Light for Residential

    This 7 inch Square Led Panel light for residential has an ultra-thin design. LED lamp beads can save 70% energy. Its luminous efficiency is as high as 120LM/W, and its light output is uniform. It uses the latest high-efficiency constant current driver, which starts fast, has...
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  • Commercial LED Panel Lighting 600*600mm

    This Commercial led panel lighting 600*600mm uses LED as the light source. LED is a kind of point-like illuminator. The designer can design various light sources with different shapes and different granules according to the flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces....
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  • 60W Smart Electronic LED Panel Lights

    60w Smart electronic led panel lights use ultra-high brightness LEDs as the light source. It is a high-end indoor lighting fixture.
    The outer frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy.
    The light of the LED panel forms a uniform planar light-emitting effect after...
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