LED Panel Light

  • 5 Years Warranty LED Flat Panel Lights

    The 5 Years Warranty Led flat Panel Lights are very thin, and the space occupied is relatively small. It can emit very bright and wide, so the most important lighting function is absolutely up to standard. LED panel lights have a very long life and do not cause the lamp be...
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  • LED 600 X 600 Panel Light Hanging Kit

    This LED 600 x 600 Panel Light Hanging Kit is a new type of surface light source similar to LCD TV backlight technology. Its light color and beautiful appearance have been widely favored by European and American merchants.
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  • LED Panel Lamp 2x4 60W

    ​LED panel lights are named after their shape and illuminating properties. It looks like a thin, smooth panel, and its illuminating properties are flat illuminating. This kind of Led Panel lamp 2x4 60W can be used to replace the original fluorescent lamp to save energy. It...
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  • LED Panel Lighting 2x2 Ft

    The Led Panel lighting 2x2 ft is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and low-carbon illuminating lamp with an ultra-thin shape. It uses a high-tech LCD backlight source that can completely replace ordinary lighting, including incandescent and fluorescent lights.
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  • LED Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Lighting 600×600

    LED commercial kitchen ceiling lighting 600×600 is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, economical and maintenance free.
    It generally saves 50% to 80% of energy, does not use harmful chemical components such as mercury and sodium, and does not produce red and...
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  • Surface Mount LED Panel Light 2x2

    Surface Mount LED Panel Light 2x2 is one of high-end indoor lighting fixtures. The outer frame is anodized with aluminum alloy to improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy, the hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum alloy, and the decorative performance is...
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  • 600 X 1200 Suspended LED Panel Light

    ​Our 600 X 1200 Suspended Led Panel Light is designed with imported high-performance power chips and microcontroller controllers.
    It can be intelligently dimmed, connected to the infrared receiver, and can be used in a single fixture.
    It can also be connected to...
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  • 40W Bright Dimmable LED Panel Lights

    40W Bright Dimmable LED Panel Lights not only attract the attention of many consumers because of their environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and longevity, but also are appreciated by professional lighting people.
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  • 32w LED Panel Neutral White Light

    The 32w Led Panel Neutral White light is thin and beautiful. The LED light source can replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp. This type of luminaire has high brightness, low luminescence and long service life. And it is free of toxic and harmful substances such as...
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  • Aluminum Frame LED Panel Light 620×620

    Because Aluminum Frame Led Panel Light 620×620 has long service life, rich colors, low heat and adjustable, it has become the most frequently used lighting equipment in public places. Whether it is the office or the high-end clubs and business districts, you often see LED...
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  • LED Panel for Grid Ceiling Light with Dimmable

    LED Panel for Grid Ceiling Light with Dimmable is different from other lighting installations and needs to be prepared for line laying.
    It has installed all the equipment inside the lamp in the early stage. Users only need to install according to the specific operation...
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  • 60W White LED Suspended Ceiling Lights

    Our professional 60w white led suspended ceiling lights are very popular because they are easy to install and can quickly provide a light source. At the same time, they have many advantages that can be used by many occasions and people.
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