LED High Bay Light

  • 400W LED Fins High Bay Light

    This 400W LED Fins High Bay Light adopts high-power LED light-emitting components. Patented integrated structure heat-dissipation design, and rail-type seal waterproof design to seal silicone rubber makes it have long life, energy saving, environmental protection and high...
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  • 300W High Bay Workshop Lights

    The 300w high bay workshop lights further enhance the uniformity of light output by providing a lens.
    The user can decide which way to use the light according to the brightness of the surrounding environment, so as to meet the actual demand with the most reasonable...
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  • 450W LED High Bay Emergency Lights

    Our 450w led high bay emergency lights configuration has obvious advantages. It uses a high-brightness LED light source with low energy consumption and high light efficiency. It consumes only 20% of the same luminous flux incandescent lamp, so it can reduce the cost of the...
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  • 150W LED High Bay Light for Warehouse

    We can provide you with high quality LED lighting design to help you save costs, create a comfortable atmosphere, and flexibly adjust to your needs. Our 150w led high bay light for warehouse features a high performance waterproof drive power supply with surge protection and...
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  • 100W High Bay Fluorescent Gym Lighting

    The heat sink on both sides of the 100w high bay fluorescent gym lighting doubles the heat dissipation area, which facilitates rapid heat dissipation and improves heat dissipation efficiency.
    The surface of the housing has a split-distribution groove that carries away...
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  • Compact Fluorescent High Bay Fixtures

    The LED compact fluorescent high bay fixtures use super bright LED white light as the light source, and the outer cover adopts high efficiency lens.
    In the heat dissipation, we have creatively adopted the air convection cavity type aluminum radiator design.
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  • High Bay Compact Fluorescent Lighting

    The high bay compact fluorescent lighting is supported by innovative optical and thermal design to suit a wide range of applications.
    It uses Philips light source and can be used as a floodlighting or floodlighting tool in highway toll stations, gas stations, large...
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  • 1000WLED High Bay Light Fixtures

    Our 1000wled high bay light fixtures use the Philips lamp bead design to achieve 360° omnidirectional illumination.
    The overall illumination is far and near, and the illumination brightness is high and the range is large.
    The whole is made of high quality imported...
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  • Commercial High Bay Lighting Fixtures

    LED commercial high bay lighting fixtures adopt imported chips, and their comprehensive performance is superior, which are your best choices!
    In order to enable the mining lamp to work in a long-term and reliable environment in places with poor environmental conditions...
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  • LED High Bay Warehouse Lighting Fixture

    Our led high bay warehouse lighting fixture has a secondary light distribution design that concentrates limited light onto an effective work surface, increasing their productivity.
    This kind of mining lamp not only ensures sufficient lighting for lighting places such as...
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  • Industrial High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

    The industrial high bay led lighting fixtures are favored by people for its directional illumination, low power consumption, good drive characteristics, fast response, high seismic resistance, long service life and environmental protection.
    Our mining lamp uses pure...
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