This Month, This Type Of Light Bulb Will Withdraw From The EU Historical Stage
Aug 08, 2018

Next month, the sixth phase of the so-called “light bulb ban” will be implemented in the EU, and another batch of light sources will be banned in the European market.

According to a European directive, since the fall of 2009, high-energy lamps have gradually disappeared from the market. For retailers and manufacturers, starting from September 1 this year, the next phase of the halogen ban will take effect, meaning more changes will occur.

After September 1st, related products may no longer be circulated in the UK or anywhere else in the EU.

The ban mainly covers popular classic halogen bulbs (usually made of glass, fully illuminated, with E27 or E14 screw bases that can be operated without a transformer).

Some non-directional halogen lamps with G4 and GY6.35 plug-in bases are also affected. After September 1st, retailers can sell their remaining inventory, so buyers have plenty of time to upgrade their lighting to compatible LED lights.

However, the light bulb ban makes consumers wonder, because many consumers know little about lighting technology.

According to an international consumer survey conducted by Roundmans, many people’s purchase lists also clearly contain outdated old technologies. For example, 27% of Germans still list “traditional light bulbs”. In their shopping list, it seems that they are completely unaware that in addition to the goods in stock and special-purpose light source products, the EU's lock-up order has been in effect since September 2009, and the store no longer sells any conventional light source products.

Another surprising thing is that the demand for halogen lamps is still very strong. Since 2009, these products have been banned from being sold in the market in stages and in batches, and this ban will further accelerate implementation.

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