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Apr 25, 2018

Philips Lighting has announced that it has sold 1 billion LED light sources and lighting products and is gradually realizing its commitment to the Global Lighting Challenge Program. At this point, Philips Lighting plans to sell more than 2 billion LED products by 2020.

According to Philips Lighting, Philips Lighting is the first company to achieve sales of LED products reaching 1 billion. This milestone is a positive example for global lighting energy saving and mitigation of the greenhouse effect. In December 2006, Philips Lighting initiated a global initiative calling for the elimination of incandescent lamps. Under this initiative, by 2015, when the Paris climate agreement was signed, global lighting energy consumption has gradually dropped from 19% to 15%, and it is expected to be reduced to 8% by 2030.

What is the concept of sales of 1 billion LED products? This is equivalent to saving 300,000 households' energy consumption. It is reported that Philips Lighting gave this first billion LED products to representatives of international government and non-governmental organizations attending the Bonn Global Climate Conference. They included representatives from the United Nations, the International Energy Agency and global environmental agencies to commemorate this. This is an extraordinary figure.

“This milestone shows that we have successfully led the transition from traditional lighting to LED. This will make an important contribution to the global climate challenge program. Increasing energy efficiency is an achievable goal. Today, lighting energy efficiency is a multiplier of energy efficiency. , to achieve the key to energy savings of 3% per year.” Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Government and Public Affairs at Philips Lighting, said, “The transformed high-quality LED light source can save the equivalent of 30 medium-sized thermal power plants, and reduce the equivalent of 1200 The total amount of pollution produced by 10,000 cars. These remarkable achievements have truly affected our lives."

Simple LED light source replacement can achieve significant energy savings. After the smart interconnected lighting system is loaded, the energy-saving effect is further enhanced, up to 80%.

Rachel Kyte, chief executive of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and CEO of the Sustainable Energy Initiative for All, said: “The major companies during the Paris Climate Summit made a commitment to build a low-carbon world. Philips lighting is put into action. Only in 2 years They have achieved half of their promise to sell more than 2 billion LED products by 2020. Philips Lighting's actions give us confidence in the future."

Philips Lighting calls on governments to participate in building a more energy-efficient planet by:

1. By 2020, all new buildings should use LED or lower energy lighting

2. By 2025, all road lighting should use LED or lower energy lighting

3. By 2030, all existing buildings should be converted to LED or lower energy lighting

So after looking through Philips energy saving road, Toppo Lighting also need to find a suitable way to show our ability.

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