Talking About LED Lighting Technology Tendency In The Future
Apr 19, 2018

1.As LEDs become mainstream, the next frontier of lighting is control. You can call it smart or networked, but no matter how you call it, the core is that you can control your lights.

2.Dimmers and sensors have been around for many years, but the challenge now is to make them more advanced, allow them to communicate with other devices, and ensure that they can be used. Energy saving is only the beginning, and connected lighting is also expected to make us safer and more likely...

3.The term “Internet of Things” is no longer used to describe computers and smart phones connected to the Internet, but also includes refrigerators, coffee cups, heart monitors, and LED lights. Lighting is the ideal network for building IoT services because it already exists on the ceiling of every building and looks down on us, adding only some sensors or cameras and some sort of data connection.

4.Everything is wireless now, and lighting control is no exception. This is particularly attractive for retrofit projects. In addition to radio frequency systems, there are technologies such as power line communications that use power lines to transmit data to your accessories. Even for the traditional wired control system, the user's control device will be more and more like a tablet computer or a mobile phone without connection.

5.Healthier lighting .Light affects the efficiency of our work, the way we learn and the speed with which we recover from illness. The rise of LEDs means that lighting manufacturers are becoming more and more simple and cheap to put this knowledge into practice, and to produce health-promoting products, which usually imitate natural light by adjusting brightness and color.

6.People attached more importance to product quality .Quality is first ,also Toppo Lighting always keep this in mind !

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