LED Lighting Vertical Farm Built In The Tunnel
Sep 10, 2018

In recent years, plant factories and vertical farms have gradually emerged everywhere, and the construction methods are varied, and vegetables can be grown on the ground, underground, in the air, at sea, and in containers. Recently, tunnel vertical farms have also appeared...

According to reports, an old tunnel in South Korea was transformed into a vertical farm, using LED growth lights to grow vegetables and fruits to solve the problems caused by extreme weather, agricultural land and labor shortage.

According to reports, an indoor agricultural company called NextOn leased a closed tunnel in South Korea and transformed it into a smart farm by using vertical stacking, using hydroponics and LED lighting to grow crops. According to the company, this is the world's first indoor vertical farm built in a tunnel and the largest vertical farm in Korea, covering an area of 2,300 square meters.

Using NextOn's cultivation system, the farm produces 60 varieties of crops. Choi Jae Bin, chairman of NextOn, said that tunnel temperatures between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius (50-72 degrees Fahrenheit) help optimize crop growth conditions.

It is reported that in 1970, South Korea built the tunnel for a major road and closed it in 2002. With this abandoned tunnel, NextOn cuts construction costs by half. Also, this vertical farm began supplying vegetables to a food retailer and a chain of bakeries by the end of August.

As global warming and agricultural labor continue to shrink, smart farms using LED lighting technology and systems have become potential solutions for sustainable food production.

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