Have You Seen A Lamp That Will Move?
May 16, 2018

Nick Rennie, a designer from Australia, must be a child with innocence. If you don't believe it, you can see that he designed it.

I believe he must be inspired by childhood toy tumbler. If you want to take a Chinese name for this floor lamp named Sway, then "do not turn down the light" must be suitable for it.


The lamp has two balls of different materials. The bottom ball is made of steel and the lamp head is made of silicone. The LED is hidden inside the lampshade and powered by a battery. Simply tap the lamp post or head and the light will light up.


The wireless design not only simplifies the design, but also eliminates the flaws in the wires so that they can be placed anywhere. Gently shake it, see it draw a reciprocating light, to decompress it is also a good choice!


Well, the above is to introduce Sway floor lamp for everyone. This is a naughty floor lamp. It is not like those lights that are not moving. It is unremarkable. When it is on, it will also sway; if it shakes, it will never fall.

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