Current LED Lighting System To Help Vegetable Seedlings Grow Stronger
Jul 18, 2018

Current subsidiary of the company, Current, and Hort Americas, a US horticultural material manufacturer, assisted Lufa Farms, based in Montreal, Canada, to introduce LED lighting systems to increase seed production.

Founded in 2009, Lufa Farms produces 75 vegetables a year and offers 10,000 members to buy. The founder of Mohamed Hage set up Lufa Farms in the hope of providing crops around the people's home without interruption. But as demand expands, Lufa Farms hopes to introduce new planting methods to increase crop yields.

Since seedlings are the most vulnerable period of crop growth, how to build an environment that is consistent with seedling growth is the key to yield improvement. On the one hand, Lufa Farms hopes to increase production in limited space and lighting, but on the other hand, it is not willing to sacrifice crop quality. In cooperation with Current and Hort Americas, Lufa Farms has built a three-layer lighting system with 430 GEs installed. Arize Lynk LED bulbs allow Lufa Farms to afford installation costs and keep the environment afloat.

This lighting system can be adjusted according to the different needs and growth conditions of various vegetable seedlings of Lufa Farms, which can increase the seedling production speed by 15% and improve planting efficiency. At the same time, Lufa Farms team pointed out that the growth environment of seedlings is improved, and the quality of vegetables is relatively consistent.

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